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Anna Becvar

Anna (BSc (Hons), MI Soil Sci, C Sci, MBPR (FACTS)) has been an independent consultant for 16 years. She has a farming background and has worked in land based industries for over 20 years, holding a number of company directorships within technical soil based businesses. She has a practical approach reinforced by excellent project management, technical marketing skills and collaboration on a number of government and industry based research projects. She has extensive experience of delivering  advice on farm: soil management, NVZ’s, fertiliser and organic manure nutrient management and recycling materials to land is her speciality. Anna works with a wide range of commercial clients: Farmers, food producers, waste recyclers, AD operators and compost producers.  She specializes in permits and clear advice on legislation. Anna intuitively puts teams together to solve client’s challenges .  In addition she works on land restoration, new allotments, and land mitigation.

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Martin Wood

Martin (BA (Hons), PhD, MBPR (FACTS)) has been an independent consultant in soil, water and waste management since 2005 having previously spent 20 years as lecturer in Soil Science at Reading University. Martin has extensive international research experience and has written books, popular articles and scientific papers on soil and organic materials. Martin continues to carry out research work on soil, organic matter and water with East Malling Research (soft fruit, top fruit and potatoes, funded by Defra) and with ADAS (use of digestate and compost in agriculture, funded by Defra and WRAP).  He is actively involved in the transfer of technical information on management of soil, organic materials (including composts and digestate) and water to crop consultants, farmers, growers and other stakeholders. He has excellent links with industry, providing advice (including expert witness) on market development and regulatory aspects of recycled organic materials.

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Audrey Litterick

Audrey [BSc (Hons), PhD, MBPR (FACTS, Amenity)] has over 20 years experience as a crop and environmental scientist. She has held senior research posts at both Aberdeen University and SAC, where she worked in sustainable and organic crop production, crop nutrition and soil management. During the past 10 years she has increasingly specialised in fertilisers, composting and the use of composts, digestates and other organic materials in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and land restoration. Audrey is a technical advisor to WRAP and an Approved Consultant with AfOR. Her main objectives now are to work with waste managers to develop markets for organic wastes/organic products, to assist compost/digestate producers to improve their products and develop robust and novel markets, to assist stakeholder organisations to understand the benefits and risks of using organic fertilisers and to help land managers make the best of organic resources. Audrey is an experienced project manager with an excellent track record in completing consultancy and research contracts for a range of commercial clients and funding bodies.

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