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Solvita® compost maturity testing – results in just 4 hours!

Compost that has not fully decomposed is inherently unstable, causing problems for compost site operators. Solvita® is a simple, accurate and inexpensive test kit that measures levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) in compost. High release of either or both gases indicates material is unstable and likely to be actively degrading and odorous.

Each Solvita® test kit contains six CO2 and six NH3 test paddles, incubation jars, colour charts and an instruction leaflet that provides insight into the composting process and guidelines for proper use of compost products at each level of maturity and activity. The test requires no scientific skills and gives a result in just four hours.

Solvia Kit


Performing the test:

  • The incubation jar is filled to the line with moist compost;
  • One CO2 test paddle and one NH3 test paddle are inserted into the compost within the jar;
  • The jar lid is replaced, secured, and the test start time recorded;
  • Just four hours later and the colour of each test paddle can be read against its respective colour chart to determine the maturity of the compost. An upgrade to a digital reader is also available. 



Solvita® is an accurate and inexpensive method of measuring compost maturity in any compost product and can be used as part of routine monitoring of the entire composting process.  

Solvita® test kits can be purchased through Earthcare Technical, the UK distributor, by emailing

Solvita® technology was developed in 1994 by Drs Brinton and Droffner of Woodsend Laboratories, two scientists possessing decades of experience in environmental biology and chemistry. To find out more visit


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