Soil Lives! is available now!

A new book from one of the Earthcare team has just arrived!  Described as “A biography of the uncelebrated earth beneath our feet” Martin’s latest book Soil LIves! is (you’ve guessed it) all about soil.  But this one is different – in forty short pieces it brings together stories of science, art and culture structured along a timeline of three generations of a family living in the Midlands over the past hundred years or so.  

 Here’s the Preface:

 “This is a book about science, culture and soil, viewed from the perspective of one family living in England in the Midlands over the past hundred years or so. On the grand scale of things this particular family is not, in any way, extraordinary. There are no buildings or spaces dedicated to their names, no published obituaries, and no surf-friendly websites to click onto. But each of the three individuals who form the timeline for this book has played out their life against the backdrop of a society and culture which has been changing at an ever more rapid pace, and within the “little world”of family and work they have all been remarkable in their own way. And each of them has had a special relationship with the land through the act of digging the earth. As these individuals were cultivating their allotments and gardens, others were labouring away in laboratories struggling to unravel the secrets of nature’s greatest mystery. Of the famous scientists of soil there are biographies and a mass of scientific literature. Even so their discoveries remain unknown to most people, although their work has had an enormous impact, through developments in agriculture and horticulture, on the lives of everyone. Yet we are forever struggling to reconcile the wisdom of those generations who cultivate the earth, the insights revealed by artists, and the more or less partial knowledge derived from science of, what is reckoned to be the most complex ecosystem on our planet, that humblest of materials soil. I hope that this book will, in a small way, assist in bringing about some element of reconciliation and stimulate a little more understanding.”

Soil Lives! is priced £10 and is available at  Let us know what you think by tweeting @SoilLives.