ORG Event :All you need to know to get, and keep, PAS 100 certification – 6th March 2014

The course is targeted at the composter’s personnel who is involved in the implementation, establishment, maintenance and improvement of the PAS 100 quality management system.

For example, personnel:
• responsible for monitoring and controlling the composting process;
• responsible for product preparation;
• responsible for dispatching/selling the compost product/s;
• who has the overall responsibility of the PAS 100 QMS;
• site operatives who carry out inspections on the input material deliveries.

In addition, the course is also open to consultants who are interested in becoming approved under REAL Compost Certification Scheme and anyone else who is interested to understand the basic requirements of PAS 100 and REAL Compost Certification Scheme.

The course contents will include the theory of PAS 100, as well as a practical, site-based session that will give delegates some useful background knowledge. Please, see the programme below.

The course will be delivered by REA in conjunction with industry expert Dr Audrey Litterick at Earthcare Technical.

For any clarification on the technical content of the course, please contact Kiara (

Click Here for Directions to Cranfield University, Bulding 41.